The Obvious Misandry of No Man’s Sky

1 minute read

After months of hype from corrupt videogame journalists, the procedural… whatever it is, No Man’s Sky is about to be released. If the lack of clear genre wasn’t obvious already: don’t bother with it: it’s a pile of man-hating garbage.

The title The male erasure starts with the game’s name. While the sky may belong to no man, I’m certain that in the name of political correctness, women and aliens can have it though.

The developer can’t take a joke Back in May, the game’s release date was delayed. When fans were understandably unhappy about this, what’d Sean Murray of Hello Games do? Complain on Twitter to play the victim and trump up sympathy. This is the same tactic SJWs commonly use to manipulate popular perception. A real man would understand that sometimes we communicate boldly and take this in stride.

There is no multiplayer Reputedly, it’s impossible to even meet another player in the game, even though everyone is supposed to be playing in the same universe! If the game was designed with men and male needs in mind, they’d give us a way to channel our natural competitive urges. Instead, they’re being deliberately suppressed – how hard could it have been to add a simple deathmatch mode?

The game is being published by Sony Corrupt video-game media like it The game is getting positive coverage on websites such as IGN; Kotaku; and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. These have been known to be controlled by feminists for a long time now, and we can’t trust anything they’re pushing down our throats.