Hotep Doesn’t Help Black Live Matter

2 minute read

As “Hotep” begins to make a bigger emergence in social media, and others such as Black Hebrew Israelites and the NBPP and others claiming they represent “Black Lives Matter” come to light, I wonder: How many are truly out for progress in the black community?

It is important to note that “Black Lives Matter” is a statement; it is a movement – it is NOT a card-carrying Nation to which you pay your dues. So I am appalled by people who claim they are a part of what seems to be a loosely organized movement. It has never been established as a group, either: it has no tenets, it had no literature or constitution, or manifesto. So why is it treated as such? Why do people perceive it as so?

This perception of Black Lives Matter has damaged its reputation and the actions of those blindly attacking in its name have as well, causing outsiders to struggle to comprehend it. It’s meant to bring awareness to the community, of self-preservation, and to those who depreciate black men and women.

When we return to the subject of Hoteps, who continue to spread misinformation through image macros and spread misguided hate, I have to wonder: Where does this afro-centric information come from?

It seems “scholars” such as Umar Johnson, and others of his kind only capitalize on the Black Community and their anger, instead of guiding them towards a path to change sociopolitical issues systematically, forces them to pay to listen to disinformation. Others have even put down their supposed “brothers and sisters” – mainly black women – trashing them for their actions, mostly basing their attacks on stereotypes.

More so, this information never comes from credible sources, they do not come from statistics, they come from stereotypes and often racist propaganda, spread originally by racist whites. They’re often seen side-by-side with anti-semitic rants also spit by these supposed “leaders.”

I have no other theory than to think that these Hoteps and other “radical” leaders are insurgents meant to harm the black community and that community’s efforts to execute a political revolution. Their glamour reflects nothing of Huey Newton, Martin Luther King Jr., or the great Fred Hampton. They do not show their tolerance, their intelligence, or their strength. We should rally behind the teachings which made the establishment recognize that we aren’t fools and won’t stay on our knees.

These Hotep leaders are laughed at because they have no true reform to endow upon minority communities. If we want to progress, we should rally behind leaders who reflect the same aura that our past great leaders did.