Donald Trump is a Time Traveler

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There’s been a lot of strange theories put forth about why Donald Trump is running for president. Maybe it’s so he can start his own news network. Maybe to fulfill his humiliation kink. But this theory is perhaps the strangest.

It originally showed up in a 4chan thread, as some of the best spun-out theories have. I’m just gonna jump into it.

Nikola Tesla & John Trump Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American engineer whose inventions have led to an ample number of myths cropping up around him. When he emigrated to New York City in 1884, he began working for Thomas Edison. Before long he split from Edison, supported by a variety of financial backers, getting in a career-long patent battle with his former employer.

After creating the alternating current electrical distribution system, Tesla went on to experiment with early wireless technologies, radiation imaging, and created dozens of theories that formed the basis for much of the modern world. (Sorry, Edison.) Eventually, he would become a US citizen, in part to help ease his working with the government on various projects. During his life, he was portrayed in the media as the archetypal “mad scientist,” thanks in part to propaganda campaigns run by Edison’s financiers.

Over the course of his career, Tesla’s inventions and theories would become more and more outlandish. Tesla put forth ideas about limitless energy sources, antigravity, invisibility, and even time travel. He ended up spending all the money he made on the successful inventions on testing his theories. In 1943, Tesla was found dead in his room at the New Yorker Hotel.

Two days after his death, the Alien Property Custodian, on the order of the FBI, seized all of Tesla’s belongings. Alien, in this case, refers to immigration status, making it odd that the Office of Alien Property (OAP) would seize his property. Tesla was, after all, an American citizen.

After the OAP seized his property, they brought in an electrical engineer who had worked with the National Defense Research Committee. The MIT professor they brought in was John G. Trump. After going through Tesla’s notes, John Trump stated there was nothing of importance or merit. In his exact words, Tesla’s “thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character,” but “did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.”

John & Donald Trump Professor John G. Trump had a brother named Fred, and that brother had a son, Donald J. Trump – the J, of course, standing for John. In 1985, John Trump passed away. This is where the information starts to transition from historic fact to theory.

Donald Trump was decently close with his uncle. For years he’s brought him up in interviews, relating tales of when Uncle John would tell the young Donald stories of the potential for massive weapons that Tesla theorized, and other work. Donald clearly had a fascination with the work, so it’s possible – and the Internet theorists say likely – that Tesla’s notes ended up in Donald Trump’s hands.

The theorists then go on to highlight that Donald Trump has used multiple pseudonyms through his career. John Miller, and John Barron. But there is, perhaps, a third identity, less well known, that also belongs to Donald Trump: John Titor.

John Titor I was just ten years old when John Titor began posting on Internet forums. It was 2000, and I was fortunate enough to have Internet access and my own computer. I was unfortunate enough to be socially ostracized in the real world, so I stumbled upon John Titor and was instantly fascinated.

Identifying himself as a military time traveler from 2036, John Titor offered predictions about a variety of events that would happen in the future. Some were vague, some were incredibly detailed – all occurred sometime after the year 2004.

John Titor’s posts told of a United States that had split into five constituent regions, relatively alone in a world destroyed by nuclear and environmental events. Titor was often vague in naming specifics in how this future came to pass, stating that disclosing such information could make the course of events unavoidable. Many of Titor’s predictions indeed failed to come to fruition, and by 2009, his posts had been written off as a hoax.

However, there is a (mostly) rational explanation for the divergence between Titor’s predictions and our current situation.

After receiving Tesla’s notes, Donald Trump followed in Tesla’s footsteps, investing a sizeable part of his assets in attempting to bring his inventions, including his time machine, to life. Successful, Donald Trump traveled to the future under the pseudonym John Titor. There, he discovered the world had become a post-nuclear dystopia after a cataclysm brought on by radicalism.

Trump returned to our current time, disclosed what he could about the potential future to try and encourage people away from it, and worked himself to move us away from it. He was able to delay the future he saw but unable to divert us entirely away.

I’m reminded of Harry Seldon’s plan in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. Seldon, a sociologist, forecasts the eventual collapse of the human hegemony. The collapse, too near to be prevented, can only have its damages limited, by the careful exertion of force at key times.

Donald Trump for President Seldin’s plan was set to work on the scale of centuries, though. Without as much time to work, Donald Trump has been forced to work at a larger scale, wielding more direct influence than would be ideal. This, the modern theorists posit, is why Donald Trump is actually running for president.


Tesla, for all his theories, was a noted electrical engineer, who is part of why we have the trope of mad scientists harnessing lightning to catalyze events. While it’s hard to know for what exact purpose, if any, the lightning served, it is perhaps noteworthy that lightning hit Trump Tower in Chicago… on the night of the Florida, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois primaries.

It is possible that Trump used the power of electricity to somehow manipulate the votes to make sure he would receive the nomination, so he would be able to divert us away from the nuclear holocaust predicted by “John Titor” more than fifteen years ago.

Mike Pence Is Also a Time Traveler Donald Trump has stated that he would only want to be president as long as there was no one better suited for the job. Possessing, as he might, foreknowledge of the future, Donald Trump is, in a way, uniquely qualified. But there might be someone more capable of being Commander-in-Chief during the upcoming tribulations.

Mike Pence may come from a future further ahead than where Trump’s machine was able to take him and is also in our timeline to prevent the same cataclysm Trump seeks to prevent. Pence likely was able to notice the temporal shifts caused by Trump’s actions and pegged him as a time-traveler. Pence disclosed his identity to Trump, and they decided to work together to prevent the upcoming nuclear disasters.

Pence is, the theorists present, from a future where time travel has advanced to the point that there can be multiple copies of him existing in our timeline at the same time. After joining with Trump, he has worked to avoid temporal conflict, as well as secure his own place as president after Trump hands off the torch.

Evidence Part of the evidence for Trump and Pence having manipulated our timeline is the relative importance of celebrity deaths. The death of Muhammad Ali was relatively obscure, hidden under headlines about the impending apocalypse, in Pence/Trump’s original timeline. However, since they have worked to avoid that future, these minor events are some of the more important things going on.

The idea is supported by the general downward trend of violence globally, which notably accelerated shortly after 1985, when John G. Trump died, passing on Tesla’s research to his nephew Donald.

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