GTA Online

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I’ve dabbled in GTA: Online since it came out, and after the CEO update, started playing more regularly. Then and now, people complained about the same parts of the community: the trolls.

In Grand Theft Auto: Online, there are many ways to be a troll. If you’re in a sandbox lobby, simply getting into an armed jet and killing players can earn you the title. If you’re racing and intentionally cause your opponent to wreck, you might get called a troll.

But in the Grand Theft Auto campaign, rampaging in jets and dirty racing are core parts of the gameplay. It seems unrealistic to expect those activities - the things that make GTA what it is - to go away simply because there other people in the mix.

I don’t love the community, but I think it’s fun. But I didn’t come into it expecting the people who enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto to treat strangers on the Internet with respect.